BLOODY BRISBANE Volume 2 features MORE EVIL CRIMS - maniacs, twisted teens, seedy soldiers, wife-slayers, sex predators, murder-mysteries, and assassinations as well as the usual mixture of crime, corruptions and criminal activity we all expect in the Sunshine State.

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JACK SIM presents

Murder Trails Series

Infamous Australian Crimes, Murder-Mysteries & Crimes Scenes

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crime casebook #3

The Rampage of Killer Kast

THE RAMPAGE OF KILLER KAST: Terror on the Terrace
Written by
KEN BLANCH, veteran crime journalist and award-winning author. Published by JACK SIM, this Murder Trails true crime casebook on one of the worst atrocities in the city's memory.


crime casebook #5

Taxi Driver Killer

THE TAXI DRIVER KILLER: The Southport Murder
KEN BLANCHwho was present on the day a bloodstained taxi was discovered at Southport in 1952, re-examines the facts of the case that followed and led to the arrest of one of Australia's most notorious criminals. Blanch explores the actions of detectives and their suspect and raises serious questions about the investigation and trial.




Who Killed Betty Shanks

The Killer Lies Within These Pages...

WHO KILLED BETTY SHANKS?: Brisbane's Greatest Murder-Mystery is a true crime casebook examining the River City's most enduring unsolved homicide. More than half a century on, veteran reporter and Murder Trails author, KEN BLANCH, who was at the crime scene in 1952, re-examines the circumstances of one of Australia's most baffling crimes. He sheds new light on an old crime which has frustrated generations of detectives.

This title is extensively researched and includes over 50 in-text images, many never before published.

This book contains graphic images of actual crime scenes & deceased persons


Initial print run limited to 2,000 copies
First 250 copies numbered 1-250 consecutively
Launched at the 2006 Brisbane Writers Festival
Featured on "Classic Crime" on radio 4BC (1116 am) presented by Jack Sim.


Title: WHO KILLED BETTY SHANKS?: Brisbane's Greatest Murder-Mystery
Author: Ken Blanch
RRP: $25.00
ISBN: 0-9751544-3-5
EAN: 9780975154441

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