BLOODY BRISBANE Volume 2 features MORE EVIL CRIMS - maniacs, twisted teens, seedy soldiers, wife-slayers, sex predators, murder-mysteries, and assassinations as well as the usual mixture of crime, corruptions and criminal activity we all expect in the Sunshine State.

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JACK SIM presents

Murder Trails Series

Infamous Australian Crimes, Murder-Mysteries & Crimes Scenes

THIS CASE featured...

crime cOMPEMDIUM #1

Bloody Brisbane

BLOODY BRISBANE: Murder in the River City is a Murder Trails true crime compendium detailing 13 historic homicides of the 20th Century from Australia's largest city.

This title is extensively researched and includes over 50 original images, many never before published, revealing the location of chilling crime scenes... you will never look at your city the same way again.



crime casebook

Death Before Dishonour

The Guilt Still Lingers...

DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR: The Crime That Broke Brisbane's Heart is a Murder Trails crime casebook detailing a shameful murder from Australia's largest city. In 1947 two shocking deaths divided society - the brutal slaying of a young woman whose screams terrified crowds yet went unanswered and the suicide of a deeply-respected accountant who took his life whilst serving life for a crime he swore he did not commit. Former detective and Murder Trails author Alicia Bennett, through careful research, rare images and material, lays bare the facts of this crime whose guilt lingers to this day.

This book contains graphic images of actual crime scenes & deceased persons


Initial print run limited to 2,000 copies
First 250 copies numbered 1-250 consecutively & signed by the author
Launched at the 2007 Brisbane Writers Festival
Forward by dark historian Jack Sim


Title: DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR: The Crime That Broke Brisbane's Heart
Author: Alicia Bennett
RPP: $25.00
ISBN: 978-0-9751544-6-5
EAN: 9780975154465


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